Something About

The Central Texas Trio OUTTA TOWN CONNECTIONZ (O.T.C) comprises Shon Turner (Virginia Boy), Shad Murray (Georgia) and Randy Hubbard (IceBerg). This Trio was discovered while doing post-production work for other artists. They are known for Composing Fat Beatz, Writing and Arranging Lyrics, Remixes, Editing, Logo Design and much much more!!!

While helping so many successful independent artists with their crafts, this Trio decided to take a break from the game, only to emerge later with their own debut release (GET CONNECTED), which is a must get CD. Their flava takes the listener on a virtual hip hop journey. From the 80ís to the present, this groupís lyrics will enlighten everyone on the progression of the Hip Hop genre. By bridging Country Music to Rhythm and Blues (R&B), and Pop to Rap, the HIP HOP culture is definitely a major force in the music industry. So, if you didnít know--then itís time To Get Connected. This album is Crispy, Grimy and Crackling Hot. Handle this trio with care, for they are Rap-Hip Hop's future.