Something About
Terry Smith


These days, many artists are trying hard to get into the music market; and some are even succeeding. For   Terry Smith, "getting in" has an entirely different meaning – getting in with pop music or Christian music is his concern.  In what many consider to be the "golden age" of tasteful music, the late 1970s, Terry Smith was influenced by the music of stars like Earth Wind & Fire, Cameo, The Supremes, The Temptations, Steve Wonder, O Jays, Ohio Players, New Birth and many more. To this day, the thirst for good tasteful music remains in his heart.

So how did this thirst for Christian music happen? How did a person who had pop music on his mine, wind up writing and producing Christian music and living a quiet family life in Killeen, Texas?

Terry says there was a point in his life when he made his career a god. I worshiped my career," he says. "My career was number one in my life. My family was second. I was a nice person, but my priorities were not right. I was so bent on becoming a successful artist.

" But God " - found Terry, at Desert Storm in the mid 1990 through a friend. "A very good friend, one who he had been in a band with, just a few years ago, his name was Jessie. Among all the people Terry expected to see in the desert, Jessie was not one of them. Jessie walked up to him, and when Terry noticed who it was, he stud straight up and just hugged him hard, because they had not seen each other in a few years.  Then Jessie said to Terry, I am having a Bible study, you want to come, Terry said, ”sure”. Jessie said,” being saved is the best thing that ever happen to me, I am going to Heaven”. Terry, are you saved?’ Terry said, “I don’t know”, Jessie, replied, “you know Jesus love you”.

" Although Terry had gone to church as a young child, He hadn't made a personal commitment to Christ. "During the Desert Storm campaigned, his step Mother sent me a Bible and he could not understand it,” For the first time in his young adult life, he took the time to study Gods word, Terry said in the beginning the words in the Bible meant nothing to him, he could not understand, what he was reading. He knew he had to get his priorities in the right order - God first, family second and career third but he just didn’t know how. A few days later as he decided to give it another try, but this time he asked the Lord for understanding and as he begin reading the bible he started getting more frustrated than before, because he still was not understanding this book, so he put it down again.  As situations continued and units began moving around to different areas in the desert, and he had no way to contact his friend Jessie to talk, as he was getting more afraid, so he asked God if he could talk to him, for a little while.  Terry said as he begin talking, he started getting really sleepy, and the next thing he remembered, he was getting up the next day to get ready for work.

That incident stayed on his mine, because he remembered he had went to sleep on God.
" After the Desert Storm experience, Terry’s desires changed slowly, some of his old ways started returning. By mid 1994 Terry was leaving the military, and returning to a lifestyle he though he knew, Terry started remembering things in detail, things like, and the night he went to sleep on God.  He remembered he had made God a vowel, and some of the things Terry had talked to God about was coming to pass, as a matter of fact, everything had come to pass at this point,  (IJUS RECORDING STUDIO) was here. Now it was his turn to make good the promise he made to God.  He had a real life message that he wanted others to know. If it meant losing his non-Christian listeners, then so be it. Deep down, he knew that he would become the great tool for God, he just did not know when, but he did know in to become that great tool, he had to kept Christ first.

Soon after getting a job in a local piano store, Terry's God-given musical abilities began to manifest themselves in songs that reflected his desire to worship and express his faith. Within a few years, he had, released Stand In Awe O God in 1998, Such A Time As This in 1999 and then a single called The Seed Of Life in 2000. He spent the next few months as a studio and music-composing consultant at his home in Killeen, Texas.
 Terry is now working to finish the full CD titled “The Seed Of Life”,   On the Ijus Records label. Terry has also
 turned another page; he has added The Ijus Music Publishing Company, 4Towers Distribution and Ijus Entertainment Group, to the list and is already working on a News Letter, more updates to follow.