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Ijus Recording Studio
Killeen TX  76543
Voice/Fax: (254) 628-2137


(singing booth) 8’ x 7’
(editing room) 10’ x 9’
(control room) 10’ x 7’

Analog Mixer:
Yamaha MR-1642 (16 x 4)

Audio Recorders:
Alesis Adat (original model)
Denon DN-720R cassette
Korg D16 Digital Recorder
Panasonic SV-3800 DAT recorder 
Phillips CDR-765 CD-R recorder

Sequencing Hardware/Software:
Atari 1040ST w/ notator logic,
Acid, Cakewalk Sonar, Cubase, Elogic,
Rebirth, Sound Forge, PC Based Protools and more!

Outboard gear:
Art dual mp two-channel tube
microphone preamplifier,
Alesis Q2 dual channel affects
Alesis 3630 dual channel compressor limiter and gate.

(1) Audio Tech 1040
(1) Sennheiser MD-421
(1) Shure SM57                       (1) Project C1

Headphone Amplifier:
Furman HA-6 Headphone / Monitor HR-2 Remote Station

Alesis RA-100 Reference Amp

Keyboard and Modules:
Kurzweil PC-88EX Controller Keyboard
(2) Korg X5DR Sound Modules
Ensoniq AXR X Pro Sampling Drum Machine w/ 64MB sample RAM
CD-ROMs w/over 10,000 sampled waves.                                     MK-150 Kurzweil Grand Piano


Recording / Mixing $25-50/hr*
8 hour block $300 (37.50/hr)
Editing Service $40/hr
Mastering Service Sub-Contracted 
MIDI sequencing / $35-50/hr 
Arranging and Pre-Mastering

*Rates are negotiable depending on project length / service required.

All rates include the services of Terry Smith engineer. If production oversight is required, these fees are additional and are on a negotiable basis depending on length of project and specific services required. Please inquire for more information.


Payment for services is COD by cash or prior approve check. Credit Card payment accepted on-line (Visa/MasterCard) via PayPal. No product will be released without payment in full unless prior credit is established.

Time is very important to Ijus.  Remember being LATE for your session, makes the next client LATE for their session.

$50 deposit required for booking initial session. Cancellation less than 24 hours before session may result in forfeiture of deposit.






Ijus Recording Studio is a Digital Audio and MIDI recording studio that has been in operation since 1998.  It is primarily a private facility and is made available to other artists on a select basis.  Ijus Recording Studio fills a unique place in the recording industry as a keyboard base recording studio owned and operated by a recording artist and musician who is also experienced and proficient at arranging, producing, engineering, mixing, and editing.  Ijus is able to provide a complete service, customized to your music  production needs. 

This studio is featuring 16 tracks of Audio Digital Recording.  With this system we can utilize Sound Forge, Wave Lab and more editing software for precise digital editing.  Your project can be recorded in a variety of ways, either beginning with an imported MIDI sequence and later enhanced, or live audio tracking supplemented by virtual MIDI sequencing with our technology.

We here at Ijus believe this is one of the finest Record Labels in the Central Texas area.  Especially for the independent artist desiring to refine their skills and gain more knowledge about the Art.  Artist Development (ADP) is a (soon to be released program for independent artist).  Plans for this program to be fully functional in 2001, is underway.  This program will be focus on, " Publishing, Promotions and Marketing".  Their will be Speakers sharing their, knowledge and wisdom they have accumulated through the years and a whole lot more

  Why all of this!

"To help the independent Artist understand the Arts just a little bit better.

Ijus is also an excellent facility for short run CD Duplications, utilizing the power of editing.  A limited number of CDs can be duplicated for, promotional or retail purposes.  Please feel free to contact Ijus (254) 628-2137) or email us at Ijus Records if you have any questions regarding the studio rates or other services.